My name is Peter Vivaldi and I believe we all have purpose in life, and when we find it, the entire community benefits.  I have lived in Central Florida for 44 years.  My focus and priorities are family first and my community.  I personally have worked with multiple non-profits such as Hope Now, Fans Against Child Abuse and Operation Giveback helping Five Star families. 

I have literally seen over the past decade the lack of leadership that my District has faced and believe that I am the person that can tackle the issues head on.  Our economy is in shambles, our children’s education is at risk and our rights as Floridians are at stake.

I refuse to sit on the sideline and be represented by activist who never legislate.

I am tired of the finger pointing and the blame game.  Enough is Enough.  I believe District 25 is better than that.  I will work tirelessly with the Governor and State leadership to accomplish and meet our community’s goals.  

My goal is to bring back civil discourse and at the same time bring our most diverse community together in a way never seen before.  The needs in this district go from agriculture to the local barbershop.  From the convention center to local coffee shop.  You name it we have it but, the only thing missing is the proper representation in Tallahassee.

That is why I am running.  

Please Vote 

Peter Vivaldi, Jr. – Senate District 25